Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Colourful Leopard Print

Hello everyone!

Yes, I have another leopard print design for you today - sometimes I just get sort of addicted to a pattern and I want to make it in all different colours and variations, so that's what's happening here :)

I did a colourful leopard print for this one, but did something extra as well: on my ringfinger I used rhinestones to create the leopard effect. I used blue, green, pink and yellow rhinestones and then made lines around them with black nail polish. Shiny!

For those of you interested in the colours and how I made the design:

The colours I used are:
FM1 - D'Orleac
Miss Minty - Gosh
Lapiz of Luxury - Essie
Rose Libertine - Rimmel
Mate 01 - D'Orleac
85 - Bourjois Paris
Black on Black - Sinful Colors
Let it Shine topcoat - Essie

For this design I first painted all of my nails with two colours of white. I let it dry, and then I made the colourful parts of the leopard print.

I put some nail polish of one colour on my dotting tool, and made little spots with it on my nails. Make sure that the spots are a bit random, and not perfect circles. I did this for every colour, and made sure that I had a spot of every colour on each of my nails.

I waited until it was dry and then I used a small pencil to outline the spots with black polish. But don't outline the spots completely. And then I placed some random black stripes between the spots.

However, I didn't do this for my ring finger. For this nail, I chose some rhinestones with colours close to the colours of the polishes I had used.

I painted my nail white first, and waited until it was dry. Then I painted a top coat on, to make sure the rhinestones would stick. I placed the rhinestones on my nail in a 'leopard print' sort of way: not perfect circles, a bit randomish.

Then I covered it with an unbelievably massive amount of clear topcoat, and outlined the rhinestones with a small brush and put some small black stripes in between the spots.

And that's it! I really love leopard print a lot, I find it very easy to make and it just always looks good :)


E. said...

Same here! When I start to like something I try to do it with different colors, shades and so on:)
And this is beautiful! I love your ring finger the most:)

Julia said...

I love these nails and the pictures look also beautiful! :)

Xx julia

Robin said...

Thank you! :)

Robin said...

Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this! And thank you! :)

The Sequined Nail said...

I love this! The colours you've used work really well together! :)

Robin said...

Thank you! I love these colours too! :)

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