Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Polish Haul!

Hi everyone!

About a week ago I treated myself to some new polishes, since I just had finished writing two papers for my exams :)

Here's my haul:

As you can see, I bought seven new polishes (yeah, one is hiding behind the Essie polish), some cuticle cream and a nail wheel with studs in it.

Here's everything in more detail:

Here are Mint Me Up by Catrice, Two Million Dollar Baby by Catrice, Sugar Crystals by Maybelinne New York Color Show, and Gris Cashmire by Arcancil.

I already used a lot of my new polishes in a design, which you can see here!

I also bought Muchi, Muchi by Essie and 847 by Deborah Milano. 

And yes, a fast drying top coat from Only You, some cuticle cream by HerĂ´me, and a nail wheel with several studs in it - some gold ones, some black stars and rhinestones, all really cool!

I already used one of these studs here! (yeah, same design as for the polishes, I just wanted to use everything I bought at once!)

I am now officially addicted to cuticle cream, I just smear it on whenever I think about it haha.

Also: I made some changes to my blog! I know it's been a while since the Beginner Blogger's Bootcamp feedback session by Will Paint Nails For Food, but I have had a very busy month with exams and papers, so I only just now had the change to make some proper changes to the blog.

I want to thank everyone who gave feedback, because I got some really good suggestions!
I've added a few buttons that make it easier for people to follow me here and find me on other social media, and I've changed my banner as well :)

Hope you like it!


The Sequined Nail said...

Great haul! I cannot wait to see you use Mint Me Up by Catrice - it looks like such a nice colour! :)

AJ Naillacqueruk said...

OMG These Catrice polishes really tickle my fancy, lovely haul!!!

Robin said...

Thank you! I'm very excited about my haul as well! :)

Robin said...

I know, that one is possible my favourite from my haul as well! I'll definitely swatch it soon! :)

Lucy (the Nail Snail) said...

This looks like an amazing haul! Two Million Dollar Baby and Mint me Up look gorgeous :D

Robin said...

Yes, I'm very happy with my haul! The little polish addicted monster in me that is always screaming for more nail polish is now satisfied for a while haha :)

Claudia C. said...

What beautiful products. I love that glitter nail polish :)

Robin said...

Thank you! I'm very happy with it! :)

Dream It Up Nails By COLLEEN said...

Looks like some pretty spring colors!

Robin said...

Yes! I actually never pay attention to whether colours are season appropriate to be honest haha but I suppose the light colours are very suited for spring :)

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