Sunday, 23 February 2014

Birthday Manicure!

Hi everyone!

Today is a very special day, because it's my birthday! I'm turning 22 :)
And to celebrate, I did a manicure with all my favourite designs!

On my thumb I have a gorgeous polish: the Dazzling Starry Magical Multicolored Shell Glitter Nail Art Polish Varnish #4 from Bornprettystore. You can see my swatches (and a gif) of this gorgeous polish here!
I used a dark blue polish as a base coat (44 - D'Orleac).

All the other design were created with a dotting tool and/or a small brush.

For the design on my index finger, I used these colours:
Miss Minty - Gosh
FM1 - D'Orleac
Amazing California Love - OPI
Rose Libertine -Rimmel London
15 - Hema (a brand from a local store)

I love floral prints in combination with my mint coloured polish :)

For the houndstooth, I used FM1 - D'Orleac and Black on Black - Sinful Colors. You already know that I love houndstooth!

Then for the polka dot design, I used - again - FM1 by D'Orleac and my favourite red, Big Apple Red by OPI.

I think polka dots are just amazingly cute, and I love the classis polka dot with a red base :)

And for the leopard print I used:
Goldfinger - Catrice
African Queen by Only You, mixed with: Chocolate Chips by Only You (for the leopard spots)
Black on Black - Sinful Colors

Yes, I'm here again with some more leopard print - but it's my birthday so I'm allowed :)

Just one more picture because I adore all these designs :)

And that's it!

I'm looking forward to tonight, because I'm going to an Italian restaurant with my family (I loooove Italian food, mmhhhh). Very much looking forward to all the food haha :)

Thanks for reading lovelies!


The Sequined Nail said...

Happy Birthday! I love the designs you've chosen, they all work really well together! :)

E. said...

Happy birthday girl! Hope you had an amazing day!:)
Love all designs but wow...those dots are perfect!:)

Craftynail said...

Lookin good! Happy Birthday!

Lucy (the Nail Snail) said...

Happy 22nd! I love the crazy mix of prints, it seems like they wouldn't go well together at all but they actually have a very fun sort of vintage feel when they're all combined :) The houndstooth pattern is perfect!

Robin said...

Thank you! When I decided on these designs, I just thought "oh I really like all these patterns so I'll just combine them!" so I'm glad that they actually do work well together haha :)

Robin said...

Thank you! Yes, I had a great day (with a lot of food)! And thank you, me and my dotting tool are close friends :)

Robin said...

Thank you! :)

Robin said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like the combination, and the vintage feel is definitely a compliment! :)

Manases Andrea said...

A special day and a super cool and special manicure. I wish you all the best, happy birthday!

Robin said...

Aww thank you! :)

fife fantasi Nails said...

Happy Birthday Robin!!! <3 - your manicure is wonderful! I hope you have a great time :D- the best wishes my friend!

Robin said...

Thank you so much! I had a great day yesterday :)

Gelic said...

Wow congrats! Both for your birthday and for having gorgeous nails! :D

Robin said...

Haha, thank you very much! :)

Julia said...

are those your natural nails!
wow, I really love the shade ;)

And this manicure looks also wonderful!!
Xx Julia

Robin said...

Yes these are my natural nails :) I'm really happy that I can get them to grow this long! Thank you!

Dream It Up Nails By COLLEEN said...

Since I'm just seeing this now, happy belated birthday! :D Love all the designs!

Robin said...

Thank you! :D

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