Friday, 11 April 2014

BornPretty Store discount code and Nailpolis account

Hi everyone!

Quick post with lots of talking today, because I have some news for you!

Now, I think you all know BornPretty Store already, right? But just in case:
They are an online store for just about everything beauty related: they sell nail art items, nail polish, make-up, jewelry, hair decorations, clothing, and so on.

I've bought some great things from them in the past (holographic polishstudsdazzling multicoloured polishglow in the dark polish...) and I've always been very happy with them and never had any trouble.

The reason I'm telling you about them, is because BornPretty Store has contacted me to do some reviews of nail art items they sell on their website - and I said yes of course, they have great items (for very small prices). I'm very much looking forward to it!
So in a few weeks I will have some reviews for you! These will be the first "real" (sponsored) reviews I ever do, so I hope everything goes according to plan and the designs I'm going to do work out :)

BornPretty Store also gave me a coupon code to use to get 10% off when I purchase something - but it gets better! Not only I can use this code, but you as well (hurrah)! Here's the code (and I've also put it up in my sidebar so you can find it more easily): XDX31

And some more news about that: BornPretty Store has offered to sponsor a giveaway when 10 people have used this discount code - so if you want to purchase something, don't hesitate to use it! :)

And then some other news: I've recently joined Nailpolis - I don't know if you've heard about them yet, but they profile themselves as an online museum for nail art. They invited me about two months ago and I was a bit sceptical at first to be honest - just because: "who are they? where do they come from? why do they want to create this online museum for nail art?" and so on, but I have completely turned around now.

It's just a great platform to get to know even more nail artists - I have already seen some incredible designs and met amazing artists I otherwise wouldn't have known, so I'm very glad I took the chance and joined!

Nailpolis works like any other social media: you can create your own profile and upload nail art and swatches, look at other people's nail art and participate in contests (and win awesome polishes)!
Let me know if you're on there too, because I'd love to follow more people. You can also always find me here:

If you're not on Nailpolis already, you can also always request an invitation on their website, if you want :)

That's about it for today's announcements! Thanks for reading everyone! :)


Frankie Hunter said...

that's so cool, they invited you, i hope to find time on weekend to look through this community. maybe I'll join too!

Robin said...

I was really glad to get an invitation :) And they are so friendly, I had a bunch of questions which they answered very patiently for me. So if you find the time, definitely try to join! :)

The Sequined Nail said...

It's so exciting that you are going to be review products for Born Pretty Store - I cannot wait to see your reviews! I'm on Nailpoils too! I had similar hesitations to you when I got the email but I'm so happy I joined now! :)

Robin said...

I'm very excited about the reviews too! :D I also loooove the new feature on Nailpolis where you can collect badges - I think it's really cool and funn! I'm jealous of your Space Explorer badge haha.

The Sequined Nail said...

I love the feature too - I cannot wait to see the new badges they bring out! Haha, I was really confused when I first got the badge - I didn't know why I got it but then I realised it was because of the Galaxy Nails I did! :)

Ela said...

Congrats on your email from BPS! And can't wait to see all your amazing designs! :))

Robin said...

Thank you Ela! I'm looking forward to it as well! :)

Ela said...

thanks for telling me about mistake:P I don't know how i haven't seen it before:P
I'm gonna correct it when I'm in mood to do it again:P (i'm not really good at such things:P)

Frankie Hunter said...

Ok, it's done, I requested an invitation, I mentioned that I heard about it from you! =)

Robin said...

I've followed you back! Yeey :D

Robin said...

You're welcome! Don't worry, I miss type mistakes and other mistakes all the time and think exactly the same thing as you: "how did I miss seeing this" haha so I guess everyone has it!

Manases Andrea said...

We are already following each other on the Nailpolish Museum as I remember. Congratulations for the sponsorship, I am curious about your reviews!

Robin said...

Yes we are! And thank you! :)

AJ Naillacqueruk said...

Wow congratulations!!! Looking forward to the reviews :)

Robin said...

Thank you AJ! :)

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