Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April's Polish Haul

Hi everyone!

I bought a lot of polishes this month, so I thought it would be fun to show you the ones I added to my collection this April!
First off: I totally forgot some polishes. I'm not sure anymore which ones, but I am sure that I bought more polishes this month than I'm showing you now. Bad memory!

And secondly: sorry for the wonky pictures! I guess I was in a mood to make the ground look crooked or something, woops!

I'll start with the two polishes I'm most proud of to now have in my collection: OPI's My Vampire Is Buff and Amazon... Amazoff. I was a big fan of Amazon... Amazoff when I saw swatches of it, but I decided to wait a bit and not buy it immediately. There was a sort of promotion sale at my local distributor of OPI polishes last week so you could buy two polishes and get 50% off on one of them - that's when I saw my chance to buy it!

Now, My Vampire Is Buff, that's another story entirely. I have been searching and searching for this polish for like forever. Or well, more accurately, for about six months. I had read soooo many good things about it and I desperately needed a good off-white in my polish collection. I looked everywhere for it but just couldn't find it anywhere, and eventually I decided that it probably just wasn't sold in my country.

And then, when I least expected it - BAM! There it was! I was browsing the store for some more polish when I saw a nice off-white OPI. I picked it up and looked at the name - yeah yeah yeah, MVIB! I smiled at the bottle for about two minutes, thinking to myself it couldn't be real and I was probably dreaming, but then I skipped over to the counter and with a biiiiig smile on my face bought it.

Have any of you had that amazing feeling of utter happiness when you find a polish you've been searching for for like forever? I told some friends about this, and they were all like "Oh that's great that you found it, what does the polish look like?", expecting it to be a super special colour or something glittery, right - bummer when I have to explain it's a very normal off-white haha :)

 The third (and fourth, and fifth and so on) polish I bought this month is by Guylond. I had already bought an ombre pack a few months ago, so when I saw this pack I picked it up as well.
I think I made a mistake though - I assumed they meant "glow in the dark" with those "UV colors", but now that I think about it it's probably some effect you can only see with a special UV light - which I do not own. I haven't tried them on yet so I'm still hoping it's regular glow in the dark ;)

These two polishes are by Essence: I bought a special effect topper (on the left) and a glow in the dark top coat.

I have tried the glow in the dark top coat, but it changes the colour of your polish underneath! I used it over black, and the black polish turned a bit milky grey - like, what are you thinking Essence, that I want a top coat to change the pretty colour I'm wearing underneath? No, I just want a special glow in the dark effect when it's dark, I don't want any milky effect. Maybe I need to try it on top of a different colour and see how it goes. 

I also already tried the Jewel Effect topper - that one is so pretty! It has little glitters in it that change colour according to how the light hits them - they turn soft pink, soft blue or see-through, very pretty!

Then: Essie's Trophy Wife! I'm not a big fan of the name, but the colour looks great. I also haven't tried this one on myself but I've seen swatches :) I think this one is great for some mermaid nail art I'm planning on trying soon.

And then the last one: Golden Tears by Park Avenue. A lovely polish with tiny golden flecks in it and some bigger hexagon shaped glitter that has a rainbow effect when light hits it right. Pretty!

That's my haul this month! I'm quite glad with these polishes, and I can't wait to try some of them out!

Thanks for reading! :)


Manases Andrea said...

All of them are very pretty. I can hardly wait to see what you will create with them!

Robin said...

Thank you so much Andrea! I'm looking forward the most to the mermaid nail art I'm planning to do with Trpohy Wife ;)

Nerdy & Fleurty said...

Nice colours! I also bought Amazon...Amazoff. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks amazing. For the glow in the dark I recommend you American Apparel's Glow in the dark. It doesn't change the colour underneath.
I'm looking forward to your mermaid nail art! :)

Robin said...

Oh thanks a lot! I'll be on the look-out for American Apparel now :)

Ela said...

I can't wait to see Golden Tears (cool name:D) as I haven't heard anything about that brand:) It looks awesome in the bottle:)

Unknown said...

I had exact the same story with MVIB. Then I found it and gave it to my (not yet) sister in law for her birthday, because I thought if I get one, I will find a second one. But nope. I couldn't find a second bottle anywhere... But my lovely (not yet) sister in law gave it back to me as a christmas present, because I was so sad. That was soo nice of her.
But last month I went to a drug store again and they had a box full of sale polishes and what did I found? Lots of bottles of MVIB!! So I bought a second bottle, because I know there will be a time my old bottle is empty!
BTW: If anyone of you owns a bottle of "My boyfriend scales walls" and don't need it, please tell because mine is almost empty and this shade is really my favourite off-white of all time!!

Robin said...

It does look amazing in the bottle, right! And I have it on my nails right now actually :D It looks amazing, but is suuuuper hard to take pictures of :( You'll see in one of my next blogposts! :)

Robin said...

Oh no! But really nice of your sister in law to give it back! When I saw MVIB in the store, I was actually considering buying three of them just in case I wouldn't find them anymore haha!
My Boyfriend Scales Walls looks lovely! I don't own it and have been looking for it as well, but it looks great in swatches :)

Emily Nailsxo said...

This looks like such a good haul! I would love to see what the Jewel Effect topper looks like, I bet it looks stunning :) ! Shame about the glow in the dark one :( maybe it would work on a paler colour better? Hopefully :) x

Robin said...

IThe jewel effect topper does look stunning indeed! The only thing I don't like about it is that it has a very thick, not entirely see-through base so it's a bit hard to apply. I'll try to do something with that polish soon after I finished all the reviews I'm planning :) Good idea about the glow in the dark one, that might indeed look better!

Emily Nailsxo said...

Yeah I would love to see you do something with the Jewel Effect topper, it's really caught my eye! Shame about the application though xx

Lucy (the Nail Snail) said...

These all look like beautiful polishes! I'm waiting for OPI to go on sale so I can get Amazon...Amazoff, it's such a gorgeous turquoise! Golden Tears looks really pretty :)

Robin said...

Yes I'm super glad with Amazon...Amazoff and Golden Tears! I'm already planning some nail art for Amazon...Amazoff when I have the time :)

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