Monday, 11 November 2013

Blue Shimmer Nails

I'm really in love with these nails, they look so nice and subtly sparkly, but at the same time they also look a bit though :)

For this manicure I used the saran wrap technique with Opi's Raw Granite DS Lapis (gorgeous blue!).
I thought that this manicure would look more like other saran wraps I've seen (if you google it you'll know what I mean by that): a lot of blue polish on top the black. 

As you can see, I didn't actually get a lot of blue polish. Instead, I got this gorgeous blue shimmer, and I'm suuuper pleased with it! 

I think that the saran wrap just didn't really pick up any of the blue polish and only got the glittery stuff, which resulted in this. I love the subtlety of this manicure - I've chosen pictures here that show off the blue very good, but in some lighting you can't really see the blue and get more of a silvery shine.

*EDIT: maybe I should specify how exactly I did the saran wrap, because I think it makes a difference in the effect you get. Some people put the second colour of polish onto their nails and then dab onto it with saran wrap, making the polish go off from the nail a bit. I, however, followed another method: I put some polish onto a piece of paper, dabbed the saran wrap in it and then dabbed the wrap onto my nails, creating this shimmer. So instead of making the polish come off like in the first technique, you just make the polish go onto your nails :) *

Now, as you might know, Opi's DS Lapis is a matte polish with glitters in it, and the bits of polish I actually did get on my nail were also matte. I didn't like this effect at all, since the black polish underneath it was shiny. So I put on a shiny topcoat, added a row of silver studs from BornPrettyStore, and this manicure was done!

I love how this manicure is very simple to make, but looks a bit different, sparkly and fun at the same time.
What do you think? :)

p.s.: I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by The Nail Snail (hurrah!), so I'm going to make a post about that very soon! 


E. said...

Beautiful:) I'm in love with studs lately:)

rexxx did it said...

Thanks! Me too, I got these not so long ago and I love them! Already got some more on my wishlist :)

Paulina said...

Loving the studs :)

Tamit24 said...

this combo is so awesome! love it!

Robin said...

Me too, they really give an edge to it I think :)

Robin said...

Thanks! I'm going to try this as well with some other colour combinations because I love the effect :)

Katherine said...

Gorgeous! I like how subtle the glitter polish is with the saran wrap technique, and I love that you used black for the base. :)

Robin said...

Thank you! Yeah, I really wanted to do something a bit darker after my very happy coloured moustache design I did before this one :)

la gazelle nails said...

I just find you blog via the versatile blogger awards! really nice manicure!

Robin said...

Thank you! The Versatile Blogger Award is a great way to discover some new blogs :)

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