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Cats in Space! - BornPretty Store Review

*Disclaimer: this product was provided for review. All opinions in this blogpost are my own and are not influenced by anything of anyone.

Hi everyone!

Today I have my last BornPretty Store review for you!

(in case you missed the previous ones: here's the star stud review and here is the sea shell stud review)

But today is actually my most fun review! I chose some water decals from BornPretty Store - you can find them on their website here. And let me tell you already now: I am so so so pleased with these decals.

On the sheet I picked, there are some various decals (cats, ducks and flowers), but I was drawn to the cats. I immediately had so many ideas to do with these, until I finally found the craziest one: cats in space! I knew I just HAD to try this out. I mean, what on earth could be better than cats in space?! I do love crazy designs ;)

I had never worked with water decals before, so I was actually a bit scared for this review - what if I messed it up just because I didn't know anything about using decals? But everything turned out so great! 

There are instructions on the back of these decals on how to use them:

So first you have to paint your nails with a colour (or a design). I did a galaxy design - you already saw these nails in my previous post here - I wanted to show them off on their own because I was quite proud of them.

Now for the decals: when the polish or design is dry, you have to cut out the decals you want to use and remove the plastic sheet that covers them (on the explanation on the back of the decals, it says you have to do it the other way around but of course that way you remove the plastic sheet of all the decals - since I wasn't going to use all of these right now, I cut them out first).

I then plunged the decal in a bit of lukewarm water for about 15 seconds and also moistened my fingernail.
I took the decal out of the water and took it from the white paper it was still on, and then stuck it onto my nail. This was really easy - the decals didn't rip or tear apart, and I could easily still manoeuvre them around on my nail to position them a bit. I then sealed it in with top coat.

It really was easy-peasy and I had no problems whatsoever if I followed these instructions.
I just randomly stuck these cats on my nails - like they were kind of "huh I'm floating in space oh well alright I guess." Hehe :)

What I should tell you: these decals are a tiny bit see-through (like most decals, I think?). I had some white dots in my galaxy design and if you look closely (in real life) you can see these dots shining through the white parts of the decals  bit. It didn't bother me at all though and again, you only notice it when it's pointed out.

And there's another thing I should tell you - this is more of a tip really: I had some trouble with the decal on my middle finger, but that was entirely my own fault. I wanted this cat to be placed at the tip of my nail. The decal, however, has a tiny edge of see-through decal, so where the image of the cat ends, that's not where the decal ends (if you know what I mean?).

So I wanted to cut this see-through bit off, because otherwise it would stick out on the tip of my nail since the cat image was placed so close to the edge of the tip. I didn't have any trouble cutting it a bit, but of course by the time I had cut it the water in the decal and on my nail had dried up a bit and I couldn't really place it properly anymore when it was dry.

So I put some top coat on my galaxy design and stuck the cat on there - this, however, was a bit tricky. If I pushed on the decal a bit to move it around, my fingerprints would be on it because of the wet polish underneath, and there were also super small tears in the decal - you only notice this when I tell you though, and it's not even visible in the pictures. It got better when I applied top coat on top because that smoothed things out, but I learned it's best to not stick the decal onto top coat but really place it when the nail is still wet.

This is in no way a fault of the product though. And it isn't even very visible, I just though it was important to tell you that you shouldn't try to stick it to some top coat :)

The final judgement: I honestly am over the moon (hehe, notice the space pun!) with these decals. They are so fun and different, and I love all the crazy designs I can create with them! I had no problems with the decals at all (except for the middle finger, which was my own fault) and they were very easy to use. I am really pleasantly surprised with how easy it was, as I had never used water decals before.

The price: These cute decals cost $2,86 at the moment. For this price, you get one sheet of 40 decals with three different things on it: cats, ducks and flowers. There are various designs.

Where can you get them: You can order these decals here on BornPretty Store.

Discount?: Like I mentioned in my previous reviews, I have a discount code for BornPretty Store that will get you 10% off on your order! Just use XDX31 when you order something :)

That's it for this review and this was also my final review for BornPretty Store for now! I really had fun doing these reviews and pushed myself further to try some new designs with the various items - I hope you liked these reviews too!

Thanks for reading! :)



Saskia said...

Omg, these are great! And I totally love water decals to quickly spice up a mani. But cats in space. Best. Idea. Ever.

Robin said...

Thanks a lot! Yeah I totally understand the appeal of water decals now, they are super easy but can indeed really make a manicure so much more awesome! :D

Ela said...

Hahaha! That's so cool! Great idea, you're awesome:D

Robin said...

Aww thanks a lot Ela! I'm very glad you like my crazy cat idea! :)

Frankie Hunter said...

That is a really crazy-awesome mani! I'm honest: I think I wouldn't be brave enough to wear these! But they are nice!

Robin said...

Thank you Franziska! Oh well, not a lot of people actually notice my nails to be honest, plus I'm still a student - I don't think these are work appropriate lol! So there wasn't that much bravery involved :) Plus my friends totally understand the crazy nail things I occasionaly do :)

My Nail Polish Online said...

Oh, I love the idea of cats in space!! That's so awesome :D

Robin said...

Hehe thanks a lot! I don't think real cats would be happy to be floating around in space but it's totally allowed in nail art :D

Emily Nailsxo said...

This is such a fun design, very quirky :) definitely the best nail art to do with cats! :) x

Robin said...

Thanks a lot Emily! Hehe I know right, cats in space is about the highest you can get quirky-wise :D

Lucy (the Nail Snail) said...

I love the cats in space idea! I think ducks in space would be pretty amazing too :) Your galaxy nails are gorgeous!

Manases Andrea said...

Very cute and original idea! The decals look great!

Robin said...

Hehehe, just about anything in space besides astronauts would be funny I think :) Thank you Lucy!

Robin said...

Thanks Andrea! The decals do indeed look amazing!

Julia said...

Awwh this is just such a cute new manicure!
Love your creativity! And those water decals look really amazing :)

xoxo Julia

Dahlia Nails said...

These are crazy! We love them. Any cat themed nail art is highly appreciated by us. Emma&Jo.xx

Robin said...

Thank you Julia! I really love these decals! :)

Robin said...

Thank you Emma and Jo! I'm very glad you like them! They are indeed quite crazy ;)

Claudia C. said...

This manicure looks really pretty :)

Robin said...

Thanks a lot Claudia! :)

Craftynail said...

these made me actually LOL!!!!!!! love dem

Robin said...

Thank you so much Jacqui! Super glad you like them :)

zebra-nails said...

Very cool mani!

Robin said...

Thank you! :)

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