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Starlit Sky - BornPretty Store Review

*Disclaimer: this product was provided for review. All opinions in this blogpost are my own and are not influenced by anything of anyone.

Hi everyone!

Today I have a super fun review for you! Remember my blogpost from a few weeks ago - about the reviews I got to do for BornPretty Store? Well, the items I had picked have arrived and here's my first review!

If you don't know BornPretty Store yet: it's an online store that sells an abundance of things, including a lot of nail art items and nail polishes! BornPretty Store kindly let me pick some nail art items I wanted to review, and the first item I chose are these lovely little golden stars.

These stars exist in a multitude of colours, as you can see here on BornPretty Store's website. There are eight colours available - I had a hard time picking a colour because I thought they all looked really fun, but I eventually went for #3, gold.

As you can read on the website, the stars are 3mm big and you get 200 in a pack - that's a lot!
I don't think I'll be running out of gold coloured stars anytime soon.

When I received the stars, I had a bunch of ideas and at first I just couldn't decide which idea I'd do for this review! But then I looked over at my April polish haul and saw the gorgeous Golden Tears by Park Avenue and I knew immediately what it was going to be!

The stars are just perfect for some space-y galaxy nail art with lots of black and gold! I didn't want to do a classic galaxy nail art, but I wanted the design to resemble a black sky with lots of tiny sparkly stars. So I used Black on Black by Sinful Colors, Golden Tears by Park Avenue, and BornPretty Store's golden stars to create this design.

Here's how the design looks without the stars:

Ela, you'll be happy to see this I think as you were curious about Golden Tears! :)

I just did two coats of Black on Black and added a very thin coat of Golden Tears. It's packed with glitters so a thin coat was all I needed - especially for this design, as I wanted the golden stars to stand out a bit against the black instead of being swallowed by gold glitteriness (okay that's not a word but you get what I mean). It was very hard to take proper pictures of Golden Tears, so trust me, it looks much prettier and sparklier in real life!

Then I added the stars. I just put on a coat of top coat and while that was still wet, I stuck the stars onto my nails. Then I went over it with some top coat to make sure they stayed in place. I thought it was very fun to actually have some "real" stars in the design instead of just golden polish sparkles.

I think the stars really add something to the design here - they make it more special and lively, but it's very effortless to use some studs or stars like this so you get some great nail art with minimal effort :)

I tested if the colour of the stars would come off when you remove everything with nail polish remover, and it does - as is the case with about all of the studs I ever bought from anywhere. But if you pick them off your nail, you'll definitely be ably to re-use them! But anyhow, you get 200 of them so you can afford to throw some away, in my opinion.

Here's a blurry picture, to show off all the sparkles!

And to finish my review, another proper picture:

The final judgement: I'm very pleased with these stars. They are really fun and can make a design instantly look more special. I also loved the other colours BornPretty Store offered for these stars, so I might go order some more myself :)

The price: These little stars are currently on sale and cos$2.29 (instead of $3.37). Another great thing is that BornPretty Store offers free shipping worldwide! 

Where can you get them: You can order these stars in 8 different colours here on the BornPretty Store website!

Discount?: If you are thinking about ordering something from BornPretty Store, don't forget: I have a coupon code that will get you 10% off on your order! Just use XDX31 when you order something :)

That's it for today's review, everyone - I hope you liked the design I created with stars and enjoyed my very first official review!

 Thanks for reading!



The Sequined Nail said...

These golden stars are so nice! It's great that you can get 200 in a pack too! I love the design you've created with them - it looks so much like the night sky! I agree - the star studs really make the design stand out too! :)

Robin said...

Hey thanks Jayna! I'm super glad you can see the resemblance with the night sky! I'm really glad I chose these stars because there's so much designs you can do with them :)

Emiline Harris said...

I'm not a big fan of studs, but they look fantastic in this mani!

Frankie Hunter said...

I really like what you did, with these stars. But I have one question: How are the edges of these? Are the they sharp? And do they stand off the nail? (ok, 3 questions...)
And Golden Tears reminds me of a Ciatè polish I had in my Advent Calendar, its called "party shoes", I used it in this post I really like such top coats, because they really spice up nearly every color you wear!

Robin said...

Thank you Emiline! I'm glad you like my use of them here! :)

Robin said...

Thanks Franziska! The edges of the stars are a bit sharp when you just hold them in your hand, but not sharp enough to accidentally cut yourself. I think it would hurt if you swallowed a few though ;) If they are on your nail with a layer of top coat above, however, they are not sharp at all, so no need to worry about scratching yourself with them :)

The stars don't stand off the nail a lot - they are a tiny bit curved so they follow the shape of your nail. I tried measuring for you how much they stick out on my nails just now but it's a bit hard since they're so small haha - they stick out about 1mm or a bit less even - so not a lot at all, the stars are very thin.

And yes you're right, Party Shoes does resemble Golden Tears a bit! Party Shoes looks great in your post - so many sparkles! :D I hope I answered your questions with this, but if you want to know anything else you can definitely ask! It's great that you're so interested :)

Ela said...

Thanks for showing it so fast Robin:) This polish's amazing, i love it!:)
You got your stuff very fast, i thought it usually takes more time. They're great and your whole manicure's awesome (as always:D)

Robin said...

You're very welcome Ela! I thought the polish would work perfectly for this design, I'm glad you like it! :) It took about three weeks until the items arrived at my home :)

Lucy (the Nail Snail) said...

I just read your haul post and just like I thought, Golden Tears is amazing! The stars are the perfect addition :)

Robin said...

Hehe yeah I saw your comment about Golden Tears! Thanks a lot Lucy :)

HGNailDesign said...

its just me or this really looks like a funky universe Mani ;) I love it. Golden stars are pretty (:

Frankie Hunter said...

I'm so interested, because I don't like studs that much. I don't have much positive experience with them in general. But I loooove how they look on other peoples nails. Maybe I'll give them a second chance...
Oh, have you seen - Foxy Fingerstips is back online!

Robin said...

I'm glad you like the studs in this design! And yes I saw!! I also saw some amazing swatches of polishes (Evil is Complicated looks great!) so when I have the time (and money) I'm definitely going to get some of those polishes! Thanks for telling :)

Robin said...

Hehe thanks a lot! I love the description "funky universe mani", that makes it sounds so great! :)

Emily Nailsxo said...

This was a great review and I love the design you came up with. I love looking at the night sky when the stars are out so I loved this idea :) I also like that it wasn't one of the traditional galaxy designs you see (though they are awesome too) this was nice to see for a change :) xx

Robin said...

Thanks a lot Emily! I'm very glad that you like my untraditional galaxy design! Though I'm going to attempt a traditional one soon as well :D

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