Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I'm Moving The Blog!!

Hi everyone!

Today I want to inform you all of some BIIIIIGGGGG changes I'm going to make to my blog.

I am going to change my url and blog name, because I have grown tired of "rexxxdidit".

I don't think any of you actually know where the name rexxx did it came from, right? So, here's how it happened: I chose that name on a total whim, because I like Tyranosaurus Rex's so I wanted to have "rex" in my name - and I didn't want to copy The Nailasaurus by picking something dinosaur-y. I first chose "rexxxdoesnails" but I saw that many people had a blog name along those lines, and I didn't want to seem like I was copying them either! So I opted for the quite cryptical "rexxx did it".

I don't like that name anymore :/ It's so unrelated to nails! I want a name where people will hear it and immediately know what my blog is about. So that's why I'm changing it. I am still going to remain on Blogspot, though.

Unfortunately, there is no way I can change my blog url without losing all my followers from Google Friend Connect :/ (unless I buy my own domain name but I don't want to do that). Instead of changing the url of my current blog and having all links to my old blog posts not work anymore, I am going to make a brand new blog and import all my old posts into it - I tested it and it worked! My old url will still exist so people can find me that way and all links to old posts will still work that way.

But, like I said: bye bye to my GFC friends :( I am going to lose each and everyone of you, which is the main reason for me to have put this off for so long, and to be still a bit wary about the entire idea. But then again: better change my blog name now instead of going two more years with a name I don't like! Initially, I was going to wait a few more weeks before making the change (which is why I've made a FB page and added some widgets and stuff to my "old" blog), but eventually I decided it's like a bandaid: you have to pull it off at once so it won't hurt as much! Don't know if that's a legitimate comparison but anyway :)

Luckily, my Bloglovin' friends should just move with my to my new internet home :) I've contacted Bloglovin' and they said they would move my followers when I was ready to switch blogs, so hopefully that will work out! If for any reason you notice you can't see my new blog in your Bloglovin' feed in a few days, please let me know :)

I hope you will all come and find me on my new blog!
Now follows a big reveal of the new name!

*drumroll and cheers from an exciting crowd*

That's right, from now on you can find my at http://roaringnails.blogspot.be!

*cheers from a crowd  wildly enthusiastic about the new name*

What do you think of the name and tagline? I'm quite impressed by my own geniusness :D

I still have to adjust the site and personalize it - I'll be doing that in the coming weeks! But I already feel so much better with that name - it reflects my love for leopard print and it's perfectly clear what my blog is about!

I am going to try and change my name on all my social media - Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook. I know it's not a problem on Tumblr, but I'm hoping it will work fine on Pinterest and Facebook too. (wish me luck!)

I want to thank you all for following me and supporting me through my blogging adventures, and I hope to see you all again on my other blog! :)


The Sequined Nail said...

I've been wondering where your blog name came from for such a long time! I love your new name - it stands out and is so unique! I love the design and the tagline is perfect too! Don't worry you won't lose me on GFC - I've followed your new blog! Good luck with the name changing on your social media platforms too! :P

Robin said...

Thank you so much Jayna! Yeah I came up with that tagline and thought "okay I can't go back now because this tagline is too perfect to not ever use" :D I managed to already change my Tumblr and Facebook without a problem, now I just need to adjust my Pinterest! :)

Emiline Harris said...

My guess was that you had so many x's because they were like kisses. Haha, I was way off! Congrats on your new name and tagline. They're perfect! It will take me a while to get used to associating you with your new name, but I'll adjust. When I came up with my blog name, I had 50 other names that I liked. It was so hard to chose just one knowing that all those genius ideas were going to waste. ;)

Robin said...

Haha that's such a funny guess!! Yeah it will even take me a while to start associating myself with my new blog name haha ;) It is indeed so hard to pick one, because you never know if you're still going to like that blog name in a few years' time! Yours sounds pretty good though! ;)

Frankie Hunter said...

I liked the old name as well, I always thought it refers to your name somehow... ;-)
I'm following you on your new blog!

Robin said...

Yeah I liked that it started with an R but that was about the only connection to my real name :) I thought it was important to keep the R as a first letter though!

Ithfifi Williams said...

I'm really pleased for you, it was a huge step to take! I always liked your blog name, I never understood it but that didn't really matter to me, I knew I was following Robin at Rexxxdidit and it clicked with me somehow. I think its a shame that you couldn't change the name directly and had to lose your followers but I am confident you will get them back; People will find the new link here and if you network I'm sure it wont take long :) I think the fact you'll feel that you have something you prefer and with such a catchy tag line will make the whole process worth it. You have to be happy with the way your doing things so I really commend you on taking that step :) I'm adding your new blog link to my blog roll <3 xxx

Robin said...

Yeah they should make it easier to change the name and transfer all the GFC followers :/ I'm super glad Bloglovin' was so easily transferred though! Aww thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll! That's super nice of you and what you are saying here is so nice too, thanks for the support!

AJ Naillacqueruk said...

Haha I always thought that Rexxx was your nickname or something but really love the new Roaring nails name and have followed you via GFC too :)

Robin said...

Haha that's actually a very plausible theory! Thanks AJ! :)

Lucy (the Nail Snail) said...

Haha, I always thought rexxx was referring to some sort of alien dog... yeah, I was way off! Roaring Nails sounds great, I agree that it's great to have a blog name that clearly relates to nails :)
Just to let you know, rexxxdidit just disappeared from my Bloglovin feed -- Roaring Nails didn't replace it or anything. I was scared for a second, I thought you had deleted your blog haha!

Robin said...

An alien dog, omg, Lucy you win the award for most imaginative idea! Haha this is amazing! You made my evening :) Ooh that's odd about Bloglovin' - for Jacqui rexxxdidit got replaced by Roaring Nails :s Hmm I hope it worked for most people! Thanks for being scared, that's very nice of you! ;)

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