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Make Your Own Polish! - Nayll Swatches and Review Part 2 (Glitters) + Discount Code!

*Disclaimer: this product was provided for review. All opinions in this blogpost are my own and are not influenced by anything of anyone.

Hi everyone!

I'm back with the second part of my Nayll review! Today I'll be talking about the glitter polishes I created. In case you missed my first review, go check it out here! You'll find some more info on Nayll there too. 
Today I'll be reviewing my custom glitter polishes. AND I also have a discount code for a flash sale at the end of my post! So keep reading :)

Here are my three custom glitter polishes:

From left to right: Fake Teals of San Fransisco (sort of named after an Arctic Monkeys song, hehe - you'll get the pun if you know the song); Elephant Love Medley (named after the Moulin Rouge song, because I adore that movie) and Let's Dance to Joy Division - named after a song by The Wombats, my favourite band. And Sara also sent me the Smooth It Out Top Coat to review, which I'll be talking about at the end of this post :)

As you can see, I chose to create 3 glitters in a coloured jelly base because I'm really into jellies with glitters right now :) But you can also make a glitter polish in a normal see-through base.

 Let's Dance to Joy Division

First, I'm going to start with Let's Dance to Joy Division! This one is a black jelly with lots of colourful glitter in it! I named it after that specific song because of the contrast in the title: dancing is happy, but Joy Division makes some depressing songs. The same goes for The Wombats, my favourite band: their music is poppy and cheerful, but the lyrics are very deep and sometimes dark. This contrast can also be found in my polish: black vs. colours! (yeah I thought this one through haha!)

In these pictures In am wearing one coat of Joy Division on top of Maybelline's Blackout. I had lots of glitters on my nails after one coat, but there were still some bald spots here and there. So I dabbed on some extra glitter on those spots. I topped Joy Division with two coats of the Smooth It Out Top Coat.

I really liked Let's Dance to Joy Division. Application was easy and I didn't have to fish for glitters (I did put the bottle upside down for 10 minutes before using it). It was a bit difficult to photograph though: the sparkles are much more obvious and sparkly in real life!

And here's a close-up shot to show you all the glitters. I adore those big cirle glitters!

Fake Teals of San Fransisco

Up next is Fake Teals of San Fransisco, which is a teal jelly with aqua and turquoise coloured glitters in it.
This polish had good coverage, I used three coats of it on its own here plus two coats of the Smooth It Out Top Coat.

I didn't have to fish for the stars (I did hold the bottle upside down for 10 minutes again). But the polish was a tiny bit too thick so I had some trouble applying it: there's some bumps here and there. The glitters dragged a bit towards to tip of my nail (I think this has to do with the fact that a lot of my glitters in this polish are the same size) so I dabbed some on in the middle to even it out. So yeah, some application problems here, but it's nothing some polish thinner won't fix! This one has an amazing colour though, it's so vibrant!

I'll include a close-up of this one too so you can see the glitters. So squishy! And I love the turquoise shreds a lot. It's a bit of a creepy close-up as it's really really close, but anyway, focus on the glitters and not on my creepy-looking skin! 

Elephant Love Medley

Last, but definitely not least, is Elephant Love Medley. This one is my favourite of the glitter polishes. I wanted to create a girly and and romantic polish, but at the same time it had to be fun and flirty - light pink and hearts were a must!

I used two coats here on top of New Romantic by Rimmel London Salon Pro, which is a very sheer pink polish. I only did two coats of New Romantic so there was a very visible nail line still. In my pictures, there's no visible nail line: I can tell you that Elephant Love Medley covers very well!

I topped it off with two coats of Smooth It Out Top Coat. ELM was the easiest glitter to work with, application was so easy! That can of course have something to do with the size of the glitters (they were smaller in ELM than in my other two glitter polishes). This polish had a good drying time too.

I didn't have to fish for the hearts (I put the polish upside down for 10 minutes again), but sometimes I was just lucky to get three on one nail and sometimes I didn't get any on a nail, so it depends a bit. If I got three hearts on my brush I divided them a bit over the other nails too so there'd be a heart on every nail :)

This polish reminds me of strawberry milkshake a lot! The colour is just so vibrant, truly amazing. I'll definitely be wearing this one next Valentine's Day by the way ;) It's just so cute!

And one final close-up (I adore this close-up A LOT):

Looks amazing, right! So jummy and squishy! I wore this polish for six days without any chipping, I just had some tip wear.

Smooth It Out Top Coat

Nayll's Smooth It Out Top Coat is made for glitter polishes and makes the surface smoother (as the name suggests). With all of these glitter polishes, I used two coats of it: I found that one coat didn't make the surface as smooth as I wanted. This polish is quite thick and I think it works very well. It dried quickly and I didn't have any problems with it. The top coat doesn't give your nails an entirely smooth surface though: there's still some tiny bumps here and there, but nothing major, and definitely nothing that bothered me. It does seal in the glitters perfectly: they didn't snatch at anything when I washed my hair or did other stuff that involved possible glitter-snatching.

Now, I know that some other bloggers have had some problems with this top coat (some bubbling or cracking) but I did not have any problems whatsoever. I used two coats of it over my glitter polishes and applied it in thick layers, and I didn't wait hours between applying coats (maybe 20 minutes, as I was watching a series inbetween), so I just used it as a normal top coat. I wore it for 6 days on top of Elephant Love Medley and didn't notice anything strange at all - maybe the other bloggers applied it too quickly or something, I'm not sure. But a lot of bloggers also didn't have any issues with it at all, just like me. I'm glad I got this top coat, because it seals the glitters in better than my normal top coat (which is a fast drying one from the brand Only You).

Then to finish, it might be nice for you to know that none of these polishes had a strong or bad smell and they didn't stain my nails at all (I always used 1 coat of base coat), which is awesome, because their colours are very vibrant.

Now, there's curently a flash sale going on at Nayll! So I thought it'd be fun to share this with you all, in case you want to go and make some Nayll polishes yourself. To receive this discount, you can use the discount code 50FOR1 until Midnight PST June 8th. Happy polish making! ;)

That was the second part of my Nayll review! How do you like my polishes - do you have a favourite? And do you like the shimmers or the glitters the most? I simply can't decide :) Did you have a look at Nayll's website yet? There's so much to play with!

Thanks a lot for reading everyone, and if you have any questions feel free to ask! :)


Nerdy & Fleurty said...

I love the glitters more than the shimmers! ;) Let's dance to joy division is truly amazing! I have one question, though, was it necessary to use Maybelline's blackout underneath the glitters? It seems like the glitter polish is pretty opaque itself. I was just wondering... But yeah all the polishes you made are really nice! :)

Robin said...

Hehe I get that, the glitters are so sparkly! It wasn't necessary to use Joy Division on top of another polish, as they cover pretty well and I think two coats (possibly three) of Joy Division would have been good too! I'm not sure why I didn't use it on it's own, I guess I wanted to try out how it looked on top of another black or something ;)

Journails JL said...

I such a sucker for jellies with glitters and you did a great job with these ! They are all pretty, Elephant Love Medley is my favorite though :)

Saskia said...

I love the idea of designing your own polish and without the mess... even better! definitely gonna keep this store in mind.
And the polishes you designed are awesome. I especially love the glitters, so cool!

Robin said...

Thank you! I'm currently going through an enormous mmhhhhh-jellies-with-glitters phase too so I immediately knew I wanted to create polishes like that for this review :) I adore Elephant Love Medley A LOT! :D

Robin said...

It is indeed a great concept! I'm really glad you like my polishes Saskia :) The glitters are great, so sparkly and deliciously squishy! :)

Emily Nailsxo said...

How stunning is Let's Dance to Joy Division! I would love to own that one!

Robin said...

Thanks Emily! The coolest thing about it is when people ask you where you got the polish and then you can casually go 'oh I designed it myself' :D

KarenD said...

Super fun polishes! I haven't even heard of this Nayll--I must go check it out.

Robin said...

Thanks a lot Karen! It's super cool do create your own polish, definitely check it out ;)

Ithfifi Williams said...

These glitters are absolutely stunning! I hadn't heard of Nayll before but I'll be going there right now! Thank you for sharing these beautiful polishes with us :) 'Lets Dance To Joy Division' is my favorite from these, what a gorgeous range of coloured glitter :) xx

Robin said...

Aww thank you! I love Let's Dance to Joy Division a lot, all the colours and glitters in the black base are amazing!

Ela said...

Those 3 that you showed today are the best!:) Especially the black one:))

Robin said...

Thanks Ela! A lot of people are liking Let's Dance to Joy Division the most, so it seems :)

AJ Naillacqueruk said...

Oh gosh- Elephant Love Medley looks AMAZING!!! <3 <3 <3

Robin said...

It does, right!! I'm so so happy with it :D Also, glad that you're back from your holiday! I hope it was lovely :)

Rhea Katyal said...

I love how Elephant Love Medley looks. All of them look so incredibly unique though!

Robin said...

Thank you! :) ELM <3 <3

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